Finally: Get Booked On Top Industry Podcasts And Show Your Brilliance To Your Best Prospects And Customers, Without The Hassle Or The Hustle

Interview Connections puts you in front of your target audience and uncovers “hidden opportunities” to be on podcasts your competition would never find on their own!

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Everyone knows that podcasts are the “new radio.” They’re everywhere.
Heck, even our new cars have apps installed that let your audience listen to you while they’re driving!
Getting featured as a guest on top industry podcasts is one of the best, easiest, and most fun ways to

  • Attract new prospects and clients to your business.
  • Get noticed in new markets.
  • Build great business relationships with other podcast hosts!

Getting Yourself Booked On Podcasts Is a Lot Of Work (And Who Has Time For More Work?)

Everyone’s in on the act.
All day long, business and marketing coaches say “just get booked on podcasts.”
Sounds easy, right? Just one small challenge:

First, you have to sift through thousands of shows online to find the right podcasts who serve your niche; podcasts who accept guest interviewees and are currently publishing.

Second, you need pitch yourself as a guest expert to the podcast hosts and secure the interview. Since most pitches are not accepted right away, you need to spend a lot of time every week following up with podcast hosts until you get that ‘yes’.

Third, you have to position yourself right to become the easiest guest to book and deliver the most value.

You Could Try To Do This Yourself, But…

How often does marketing take a back seat to the day-to-day demands of running a business and serving customers? Ask yourself: how much “doing it yourself” have you accomplished so far? Now, your virtual assistant may be capable of emailing podcast hosts pitching you as a guest. But is that really the same as working with the podcasting industry’s premier source for outstanding podcast guests who can hold the door open for you, so you can walk right in?

“I hired Interview Connections to support the launch of my book, Miracle Mindset. In just 3 months they booked me on over 40 podcasts! If you are an entrepreneur looking to get exposure for your business or an upcoming launch, I highly recommend you sign up with Interview Connections to get booked as a guest expert on podcasts.”

JJ Virgin CNS, CHFS | Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

“When I published my book, Evolution 2.0 I signed up with Interview Connections to get me on high quality podcasts to talk about the subject matter in my book. They had booked me on a lot of their client’s podcasts in the past so I knew how well they worked. I now use them to book me on leading marketing podcasts to teach entrepreneurs about the 80/20 rules for sales and marketing. I highly recommend Interview Connections for any high achieving entrepreneur who wants to get booked on podcasts as a guest expert.”

Perry Marshall | Author of the world’s best selling book on web advertising, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords and author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

Michael Stelzner
Founder & CEO of Social Media Examiner

Jaime Masters
Host of Eventual Millionaire

Jason Swenk
Digital Marketing Speaker

Let Your Brilliance Shine For The World!

Here at Interview Connections, we connect the “missing link” between you (the brilliant thought leader with a message that needs to be heard), and the podcast hosts (who need your brilliance now).

Imagine being listed in our proprietary and confidential database (there’s none quite like it anywhere else online) that we search every single day for our podcast host clients who need to fill their calendars and deliver value to their listeners.

At our Gold and Titanium levels, we’ll even act as your podcast booking agent, sourcing and finding interview opportunities that will have your fans, followers, and prospects saying:

“I just heard you on that podcast! Can you tell me more about what you do?!”

Either way, podcast hosts ask us for great guests, we deliver you!

All you do is click a link to schedule your appearance, show up, and show the world what you have to offer.


Jessica Rhodes, founder and CEO, created Interview Connections to be the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests. After working as a virtual assistant, booking her clients for interviews on podcasts, she saw there was a big need in the marketplace for connecting great guests with top podcasts. Today, Jessica and her team of highly trained booking agents secure hundreds of interviews a month on industry specific podcasts for their clients.

Jessica KNOWS the podcast industry! She is the host of the hit weekly web TV show, Interview Connections TV, the Rhodes to Success podcast and she co-hosts The Podcast Producers, selected by Apple as a “How to Podcast” show in iTunes.

She is the author of Podcast Interviews – 5 Proven Strategies to Help You Use the Power of Guest Interviews in Your Podcast.

Jessica is a sought after speaker on the power of podcast interviews. She speaks regularly at Dream Business Academy and has shared the stage with top podcasters at Podcast Movement and Podcast New England.

To sum it up… work with Interview Connections and fast track your way to bookings on today’s leading podcasts! 



  • Establish yourself as an authority, get more brand exposure, and capture qualified new leads!
  • Interview Connections is the leading guest booking agency for podcasters and guest experts.
  • With plans starting at $500/month, our expert in-house agents work with you to design a strategy that gets you booked on leading podcasts in your niche.
  • Our VIP level plans get you booked, scheduled and prepared to make an impact on your target audience.
  • The interviews we book have led to multiple six figures in new revenue for our clients. Are you ready to see the mind-blowing ROI from podcast interviews?


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“Jessica has connected me with quality interviewees who have been prime candidates for EntrepreneurOnFire like Jim Palmer and Charlie McDermott – both of whom my audience loved!
These episodes have been downloaded in excess of 10,000 times each, and that number is growing every day.”

John Lee Dumas | Host of Entrepreneur On Fire |

How he got $47k in annual revenue by being a podcast guest!
Marty McDonald of | Titanium Member of

“Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the job Kelly Glover is doing. Slammed it out of the park with a podcast for real estate agents; the exact market I want to reach. Please give her a pat on the back. I’ve been recommending your service everywhere and will continue to do so. Looking forward to a smashing 2017.”

Ross Jeffries | and

“You’ve been lining up Podcast interviews for me for four months now — and I can’t tell you how VALUABLE each and every interview has been.
Not only am I making new and powerful business connections all over the world, but I’ve found a brand new way to get clients! I’m connecting with those that hear me as a guest expert, and funneling them into my coaching programs. What’s more, I’m getting more traffic daily to my website and building my e-mail list faster than ever. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to market and grow my business.
Thank you so very much for all you do. It’s priceless.”

Joleene Moody |

“I get more and more requests to have guests on my show, from VA’s that tell me “I love your show” but quite obviously hasn’t listened to one episode…..How different is the approach from Jessica Rhodes’s amazing company Interview Connections that vet the guests, prepare them well, and supply an endless line of top class guests. If you have a podcast and are looking for guests I 1000000% recommend them.”

David Ralph | Join Up Dots

“Interview Connections provides an excellent service! All the interviews I’ve done have really helped solidify what I want to do … AND it’s also been selling books to people all over the place and opening some interesting doors. I just had someone submit an order from UK this morning so that is really cool. I highly recommend working with Interview Connections if you want to be a guest expert for podcasts!”

Julie Broad |

“When I started looking to outsource my podcast booking, I heard from everyone I asked that Jessica and IC were the best. Honestly, I was still hesitant! I had developed a system that worked well for me for vetting and pitching myself to podcasts, and I wasn’t sure that someone else would be as thorough I was, but IC blew me away with their precision and high level of communication with me. I was welcomed as a client with a detailed explanation of their process that made me trust I was in good hands, and booked right away. An added plus for me was that any time I had a question or doubt, it was not only answered immediately, but Jessica often went on to direct me to in depth resources, or even developed blog posts with more information about the very question I had asked.”

Arianna Taboada, MSW, MSPH | Maternity Leave Consultant