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Finally! A Quick and Easy Way
To Book Amazing “Listener Loving
Guests™” For Your Podcast!

A Special Message From:
Jessica Rhodes, Founder and CEO

Dear Fellow Podcaster,

Let’s face it: nothing will build an audience, fan base, and ‘downloads by the thousands’ like booking great guest interviews! Booking great guests has enormous benefits to you as the host of your own podcast.

Interview Connections Finds You Great Listener Loving Guests™ To…

  • Make your job of hosting each show infinitely easier
  • Get you more 5 Star Ratings & Reviews on iTunes and increase downloads
  • Help you build your list by piggybacking on your guest’s promotion of your show
  • Help to create a buzz for your show
  • Help increase your own ‘star power’ and celebrity through the power of association
  • Save you tons of time researching and booking guests

You may be familiar with

The Old-Fashioned, “5-Miles Uphill Both Ways,
Through A Blizzard, To School Every Day” Method
Of Finding Guests For Your Podcast

Until now, if you wanted to host your own podcast you had to tap into your own limited rolodex for guests.

And, once you’ve exhausted your own resources after your first few shows, you’re left to hope for referrals and/or do hours of research to find potential guests and then reach out to see if they’d be interested in being on your show.

Suddenly, your dream of hosting a hit podcast turns into a giant ‘time suck’ and distraction of research and bookings!

But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

Starting Now, You Can Book All Your Amazing
“Listener Loving Guests™” With One Email!

Interview Connections is the premier source for booking outstanding guests for your podcast!

As a member of the Interview Connections family, you’ll have my team on your side and in your corner, finding and booking you the guests you need to deliver valuable, actionable content.

Your podcast will quickly become the talk of the town.

J. Massey“I wanted to reach out and formally let you know how impressed I am with your team’s serving of our account. The guests are great, the follow thru is consistent, and the workflow more manageable. A big reason for our show’s success (now over 100K downloads in first 95 days) is the work of Jessica Rhodes and her team at Interview Connections.”

Karl Krummenacher
Wellness.com and host of the Your Best Life podcast

J. Massey“As a podcast host and business owner, I knew the importance of having a consistent podcast schedule but had really struggled to find, book and conduct the interviews on a weekly basis. When I met you at NMX, I thought your service was just what I needed but wondered if you could really help me find career professionals to interview. I knew the challenges I had been dealing with over the past 2 years and was uncertain you’d be able to find articulate, interesting professionals who would be willing to be interviewed.

Within a week of starting your service, you had already talked to and scheduled three professionals to come on my show. In the 4 weeks since we got started, you have found and scheduled 6 guests and for the first time, I have a back log of shows that have already been produced but now just waiting to be released. You’ve more than proved the value of your service.”

Felicia Gopaul

Now, depending on your unique marketing needs, we have

Two Levels Of Service To Choose From:
Our Great Guest Locator, and Our
Book It And Promote It Program

First, let’s look at the Great Guest Locator.

Since my other business offers custom infographics, and Interview Connections offers custom podcast promotion graphics, how about a taste of how graphics help you deliver and share your message?

Stick with me here as I show you how our Great Guest Locator works with an infographic:


Simple enough.

We do all the legwork, find you awesome guests, then turn it over to you. All you have to do is schedule, get their information, and conduct an amazing interview.

That being said, 7 out of 10 customers of Interview Connections really would prefer a totally Done-For-You solution.

That takes us to the second (and most popular) option, our premium “Book It and Promote It” program.

At This Level, All You Do Is
Show Up For The Interview!

As a member of the Book It and Promote It Program, the Interview Connections team will:

  • Find and secure interviews with guests you approve of
  • Schedule the interview (using ScheduleOnce, Time Trade or your online scheduler)
  • Get your guest’s bio, head shot, and Skype name
  • Send a confirmation email the day before the interview
  • Email the guest the day before their interview goes live
  • Email the guest the day their interview goes live and ask them to promote it to their audience
  • Send a follow up email 3 days later to remind them to promote their interview and rate and review your show on iTunes!

john-lee-dumas“Jessica has connected me with quality interviewees who have been prime candidates for EntrepreneurOnFire like Jim Palmer and Charlie McDermott – both of whom my audience loved!

These episodes have been downloaded in excess of 10,000 times each, and that number is growing every day.”

John Lee Dumas
Host of Entrepreneur On Fire

“This Sounds Amazing, Jessica – I’m In!
So What’s The Best Investment?”

I’m glad you asked – because that truly is the most exciting part of Interview Connections!

As a premium member of Interview Connections, you’ll enjoy a real ‘concierge’ level of first-class service where we’ll do all of the research and connect you with amazing guests.

So what would you expect to pay monthly for a platinum level service that researches and finds you four great Listener Loving Guests™ per month?

$497 (like many people in a survey said they’d gladly pay?)


Not even close!!

If you act now, you can become a Great Guest Locator member for only $247 per month or a Book It and Promote It member for only $347 per month! Here is what you get with each level:

jim-palmer“Jessica’s ‘guest finding’ program has been an amazing time saver for me! She has brought me truly great guests that my community loves to learn from, and this has increased my downloads!

I am also a big fan of her ‘Book it and Promote it’ program.

The custom infographics have added huge traffic to my web sites, which in turn leads to more downloads – a win win for everyone!”

Jim Palmer
Host of Stick Like Glue Radio

That’s it! Simple, Easy To Use And Highly Effective!

If you’re ready to trade hours of research and phone tag trying to find and book the perfect guest for your podcast, then select your preferred service level above.

Today is the day you stop struggling to find enough guests to fill your calendar and instead create an amazing experience for your listeners, then click the sign up button now.

Click Here To Get Started Now!

We look forward to working with you.

jessica-rhodes-chief-talent-coordinatorTo Your Podcasting Success!


Jessica Rhodes
Founder and CEO

P.S. Let me ask you just one more question: what is NOT having a steady stream of ‘Listener Loving Guests™’ for your podcasts costing you?

Time? Energy? Frustration? Credibility? Thought leadership?

Let us take this on for you and help you fill your podcast schedule with all the guest experts you could possibly want.

Click Here To Get Started Now!

P.P.S. Need even more proof that Interview Connections is the Real McCoy?

I’ve got you covered…

Let’s Hear From Even More Satisfied Customers
Of Interview Connections, In Their Own Words

Jessica with Michael Hyatt

Jessica with Michael Hyatt

Jessica with Guy Kawasaki

Jessica with Guy Kawasaki

Jessica with Mari Smith

Jessica with Mari Smith

Jessica with Dan Miller

Jessica with Dan Miller

Jessica with John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson

Jessica with John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson

Jessica with Pat Flynn

Jessica with Pat Flynn

Jessica with Michael Stelzner

Jessica with Michael Stelzner

Jessica with Chris Brogan

Jessica with Chris Brogan

Jessica with Cliff Ravenscraft

Jessica with Cliff Ravenscraft

Jessica with Jaime Tardy

Jessica with Jaime Tardy

Jessica with Amy Porterfield

Jessica with Amy Porterfield

Jessica with Michael Oneal

Jessica with Michael Oneal

Jessica with Rick Calvert

Jessica with Rick Calvert

Jessica with James Malinchak

Jessica with James Malinchak

Jessica with Deb Cole

Jessica with Deb Cole

deacon-hayes“It was a pleasure to work with Jessica with respect to coordinating the details of having a guest on my show. Anyone who is looking to do interviews should consider working with her!

Currently each show gets between 500 – 800 downloads per episode.”

Deacon Hayes
Host of Well Kept Wallet Podcast

chuck-trautman“Jessica and her team at Interview Connections have connected me with two excellent guests for my Blog Talk Radio Show, “Chuck Trautman Interviews Experts.” Both guests provided valuable ‘actionable’ content for my listeners and helped grow my listener base.

I highly recommend using Interview Connections to book your podcast’s guest expert interviews”

Chuck Trautman
Host of Chuck Trautman Interviews Experts

Jason Silverman“Working with Jessica Rhodes / Interview Connections has been and continues to be, a fantastic experience. One of the keys to success is developing a system for saving and maximizing time. Interview Connections gets me booked quickly and easily (with very little to no work on my part). I continue to be impressed with the value that Jessica and her team add to my businesses. If you’re looking to take the elevator rather than the stairs, connect with her and hire her firm immediately…you’ll be thrilled you did.”

Jason Silverman
Host of The Real Deal with Jason Silverman

Laura Cross“Since working with Jessica, my podcast listener-ship has significantly increased. In less than 3 weeks we doubled our downloads and site visits! I know Jessica’s beautiful info-graphic and promo graphic for each show is directly responsible for our accelerated results. Jessica has also been instrumental in securing phenomenal experts and guests for the shows, and done an exceptional job of coordinating the promotion, and setting up and managing the Pinterest profile. Thank you, Jessica.”

Laura Cross
Founder of Rebel Seed Films


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Melanie Benson Strick“Running a weekly podcast is now a million times easier (and more profitable) with Jessica and Interview Connections. Not only are my guests seamlessly booked and I have all the info I need to just show up and conduct the interviews. The bonus – Jessica books me regularly for her other guests’ podcasts to increase my visibility and sales (another sale came through just today from one 20 minute interview.) Jessica is worth 10 times what her fees are and I highly recommend you use her to optimizing your podcasts.”

Melanie Benson Strick
America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer

J. Massey“Interview Connections has been absolutely awesome to work with and continues to deliver month after month! Jessica Rhodes is a gem. She finds great guests for my Cash Flow Diary podcast and has proven herself to be a valuable asset. My team and I recommend Ms. Rhodes and her services. We look forward to working with her into the future.”

J. Massey
Investorpreneur, Real Estate Developer and Educator

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J. Massey“As an entrepreneur and full time family man, time is a commodity that seemed to elude me. When we started the podcast, Beauty Fashion & War, we knew that it would take time to grow. What we weren’t prepared for was the time needed to schedule, follow up and book guests for the show. After 2 weeks of attempting to do it on our own, our good friend John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire) recommended Interview Connections and Jessica Rhodes. Our thinking was pretty simple, if the leader of one of iTunes Top Rated Podcasts, earning in excess of $100,000 per month, had a resource that he was willing to share than we should jump on that band wagon quick fast and in a hurry.

After being a loyal customer of Interview Connections for the past 5 months, I can attest to the caliber of guests and the level of professionalism Jessica and her team bring to the table (Shout out to Angie!! You rock Sista!) We are more than eager and willing to give Interview Connections a solid recommendation and would advise only those individuals interested in having more time freedom and less headaches in their lives, to partner with Jessica and Interview Connections.

Shake n Bake!!”

Cleo Caban, CEO
Beauty|Fashion & War, LLC

“Interview Connections has been a great partner in helping me successfully launch my podcast. Jessica and her team really provide value and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to book guests for their interviews.”

Charlie Poznek

Click Here To Get Started Now!

“If you are new to podcasting or someone who has been doing it for a while Jessica’s team is what you need to get to the next level. They will help you get the guests you need to create great content and to deliver it on time and consistently.I highly recommend Jessica and her team for your new or not so new podcast!”

Melissa Curtiss

“Timelines of Success interviews over 20 unique guests a month. Without Jessica Rhodes’s expertise, contacts and scheduling assistance, the show would not be what it is today. She does a great job screening and scheduling our guests! The result is a substantial saving of my time, more interviews each month with a higher quality guest and therefore a better show. She has a five star rating in my book! I highly recommend her and the services of her company, Interview Connections.”

Bill Conrad
Host of Timelines of Success

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